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Economix: Global Economics Challenges is an annual international event held by KANOPI FEB UI, a student organization run by undergraduate students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia. The event aims to be the means for participants of diverse backgrounds and disciplines to share, discuss, and find potential solutions for current global economic issues. Participants from countries all over the world can take part in several main events consisting of International Seminar, Paper Competition, Essay Competition and Model United Nations. Economix also includes world cultures by hosting additional casual events to facilitate the enrichment of cultural exchange between participants of Paper Competition and Model United Nations. As this year’s grand theme, 16th Economix: Global Economic Challenges promotes “The Future of Work: A Looming Phenomenon”.

Paper Competition

Paper Competition will provide its participants the chance to test their brilliant ideas, gain new insights, and enhance their personal skills on pressing issues related to our grand theme. As the main competition, participants will be challenged to create research papers and present them in front of experts. In doing so, participants will have to analyze three main subthemes centered around the implications brought by inequality, demographic change and alternative work arrangement upon the future of work.

The international Paper Competition is opened to all undergraduate students from universities all over the world. Participants of the paper competition consist of two-person teams, with no minimum threshold for each university to send their teams to the competition. The 16th Economix committee will only accept 16 participants from all papers submitted. The 16 teams that have been selected to participate in the competition will take part in the next two phases, Head to Head Stage and Grand Final Stage. In the Head to Head stage, the team of adjudicators will assess participant’s paper presentation, participant’s knowledge and participant’s speech about topics concerned with the sub-themes which have been provided. In the Grand Final stage, the team of adjudicators will evaluate the discussion of case study to determine the winner of 16th Economix: Global Economic Challenges competition.

Essay Competition

            Aside from Paper Competition, 16th Economix: Global Economic Challenges conducts an Essay Competition. This year’s theme is ‘The Future of Work: A Looming Phenomenon’. Participants’ ideas and knowledge will heavily be observed concerning world’s ability in maintaining its economic performances in the moment of not only incessant global economic problems, but also many fundamental obstacles which have internally occurred in every country over the world.

This essay competition can be participated by all undergraduate students from universities in all over the world which have a huge interest in the economy and have an interest in taking a part in the essay competition. Participants of the essay competition are single individuals, with no minimum threshold for a university to send their teams to the competition. The essay will be assessed by the judges who are experts in their fields, which

consist of national and international academicians, economists, lecturers and practitioners. The winner of Mini Essay will be announced in November 8, 2018 (The Cultural Gala of 16th Economix) and will be published. The three best essay will be selected to receive the prize.

Economix MUN

The 16th Economix: Global Economic Challenges is conducting a Model United Nations (MUN) as one of the main events. By roleplaying as country representatives, delegates currently enrolled as undergraduate students are encouraged to discuss and debate about issues happening in the real world.

In accordance to the theme of 16th Economix: Global Economic Challenges which is ‘The Future of Work: A Looming Phenomenon’, Economix MUN is raising a sub-theme titled ‘The Fifth Industrial Revolution: An Outlook on the Future Human Workforce’. In this topic, delegates are required to discuss the possible problems arising from technological progress towards the future labor market and to come up with lucrative and effective solutions to tackle the problems.

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Don’t miss your chance to win the Total Prize of US$3250 and experience cultural exchange like never before. We are looking forward to seeing you at 16th Economix this November in Jakarta, Indonesia!